The Italian Rosso - North to South

The Italian Rosso - North to South


Inside the Box -

All wine and gift packs come with a story about the vineyard, tasting notes and suggested recipe.  

Erste + Neue Lagern 2016 - Südtirol, Italy  

Odder Barbera D'Alba 2014 - Piedmont, Italy

Speri Valpolicella 'La Roverina' 2015 - Veneto, Italy

Passi Reali Rosso Organic Montepulciano 2015 DOC - Abruzzo, Italy

Antonio Camillo Ciliegio 2016 - Tuscany, Italy

Francesco Rinaldi - Dolcetto d'Alba, "Roussot" 2016 - Piedmont, Italy

Why choose this pack?

It's no great secret that we love all things Italian; the varietals suit our climate and lifestyle. The perfect wine to accompany food or drink on it's own.

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