Verget du Sud Vin de France Blanc Au Fil du Temps NV - Provence, France

Verget du Sud Vin de France Blanc Au Fil du Temps NV - Provence, France


The Story

He’s been called a “peerless winemaker” by France’s most influential wine critic, Michel Bettane, and a grower whose “tiny domaine is one the world’s pinnacles for Chardonnay.” The winemaker Bettane is referring to is Jean-Marie Guffens and the Domaine is that of Guffens-Heynen, based in the small village of Sologny in Southern Burgundy’s beautiful Mâcon. Outspoke and iconoclastic grower and his piercingly bright, pure wines – both under his Guffens-Heynen and Verget (micro-négoce) labels. While the choice of sites and bottlings (for the Verget wines) may have changed over the years, Guffens himself remains, to this day, the passionate, avant-garde grower

M+Q Notes

Guffens has recently freshened up his multi-vintage 'solera' with some Sauvignon Blanc, giving this current bottling some extra zip. It's still Marsanne-based, contributing some 40% of the blend, with decreasing amounts of Roussanne, Viognier, Chardonnay, and now, some Sauvignon. For those new to this wine, it works something like a perpetual blend (as opposed to a true solera), whereby the 'mother' base blend is refreshed each year with new vintage wines while a similar percentage is bottled off, to order, each year. The aged wine brings complexity and texture and the young wine brings freshness and minerality. It really works and drinks well above it’s price tag.

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