Rieslingfreak No 4 2017 - Eden Valley, South Australia 

Rieslingfreak No 4 2017 - Eden Valley, South Australia 


The Story

Growing up on a Riesling vineyard in Clare Valley, John Hughes’ love for Riesling never left him. He started Rieslingfreak winery in 2009 making his first wine with grapes grown on a single site in Clare Valley. The focus from the beginning had been to highlight the various styles of the versatile Riesling grape. Ranging from dry to sweet to sparkling and even fortified Rieslings. John has expanded his vineyard sites and currently makes wine with grapes grown in Eden Valley and Polish Hill River as well as his original Clare Valley site.

M+Q Notes

Rieslingfreak No 4 from Eden Valley is a stunning example of dry Riesling. Aromas of white flowers, lemon zest and mineral notes. Zesty lime and citrus is soaring on the palate with zippy acidity and a long, dry finish.

Food Suggestion

Vietnamese Style Whole Snapper

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