Ricca Terra Farms Arinto 2017 - Riverland, SA

Ricca Terra Farms Arinto 2017 - Riverland, SA


The Story

Ashley Ratcliff has an extensive  wine  background and ha s many accolades for his  innovation in the industry.  He holds a Masters Degree in Wine Technology and marketing and has worked at several wineries  in Australia including  Yalumba. In 2003 he founded  Ricca  Terra Farms with his wife  Holly. They planted several grape varieties  that thrive in the  Mediterranean climate  of Riverland. They are now one of the top growers of alternative vines in Australia. They grow  heat-loving  grapes including  Arinto, Negroamaro  and Tinta  Barooca. Creating them in  an  approachable style without the high prices.

M+Q Notes

Arinto  is a white grape native to Portugal   where  the climate is similar to Riverland’s. Ashley Ratcliff calls this the ‘Cumulus’ grape   as it comes in various shapes and sizes,   much  like the clouds of the same name.   This medium bodied wine has zesty  acidity   with  complex flavours of lemon curd, yellow pear and lime.

Food Suggestion

Figs with pine nuts & goat’s curd


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