Chalmers Dott. Malvasia Istriana - Heathcote, Vic  500ml

Chalmers Dott. Malvasia Istriana - Heathcote, Vic  500ml


The Story

Considered the finest quality member of the vast malvasia family, malvasia Istriana hails from Friuli where it makes fine, elegant, aromatic and mineral wines. It is mainly grown on clay/lime soils at low elevation in Friuli but it is said to produce the best results in the free draining gravelly plains of Friuli Grave or on harder hillside sites where the variety’s natural vigour is tamed.  

M+Q Notes

Malvasia Istriana is golden straw coloured and has delicate spiced apple, lemon and hay aromas with a crisp, mineral palate of fresh cut red apple, fine structure and pleasant acidity. A truly delicious wine that we can't rate highly enough!

Food suggestion

Salt Baked Fish

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The Dott. Story

Every now and again we come across something that hits new heights: it's no surprise really Chalmers have been producing wine focused on individual varietals, each with their own unique personality that forms the core of the family’s vine production. This 3 pack of Dott. is handmade by Chalmers from estate grown fruit that was inspired by the late Dr. Rod Bonfiglioli a passionate, eccentric scientist whose dogged determination and visionary foresight brought so much colour, interest and integrity to Australian wine. He sought out these rare grapes, seeing promise long before others.

The choice of grape varieties in the Dott. range challenges the concept of homoclimes as the
most beneficial place to establish grape varieties in new locations. Through years of open-minded experimentation Chalmers have discovered that sometimes translating a grapevine to a new environment can give surprising and beautiful results, often producing a wine which is truly unique from its ancestors in Europe yet still achieving quality and authenticity. A new expression, a truly Australian wine which speaks of its own place and time.  

The Dott. range encapsulates this idea, taking grape varieties that originate in the humid and oceanic North East of Italy and growing them in the inland dry climate and red, mineral rich soils of northern Heathcote. 

These wines are truly exceptional and are one of the best wines we have tried this year!