Noelia Ricci Bianca Bros 2017 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Noelia Ricci Bianca Bros 2017 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy


The Story

Noelia Ricci is a 9 hectares wine project launched in 2013 at Predappio within the Emilia- Romagna. The best of the vines with the best of natural conditions were cordoned off to create the Noelia Ricci vineyard. This is why these wines reflect superior qualities and strong, fine flavor.

 Noelia Ricci’s own father, Commander Giuseppe Ricci purchased the property in 1941. The Pandolfa Estate has a long history; the estate name was taken from a bold military leader who lived in the mid-15th century, named Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. A portrait of him by Peiro della Francesca hangs in the Louvre.  Noelia Ricci was the visionary woman who saw the land as suited for a winery. She pushed for planting the first vineyards in the 1970’s.

Afterwards, Noelia’s daughter, Paola used her passion and intelligence to bring more growth to the estate. Now, Marco, one of the children of Paola, has taken the reins to link family runs the company. The Ricci family chose a wasp for the zippy sting of the Sangiovese Superiore and the monkey for the Godenza which has an ape on its label that symbolizes a return to their origins, while the whale is on the label for the Trebbiano Bro wine label.

M+Q Notes

Trebbiano grapes are cultivated on the sloping hills that look out at the Adriatic Sea and vinified with the skins of Pagadebit grapes to create a fresh, racy and complex wine.

Food Suggestion

Salt Baked Fish

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