Le Moire 'Zaleuco' 2014 - Calabria, Italy

Le Moire 'Zaleuco' 2014 - Calabria, Italy


The Story

Zaleuco, the Luminous, named after the first lawmaker of the western world, Zaleucus (Locri, 663 bc). The vines are situated at around 400m above sea level, on terraces that slope down to the Savuto river, surrounded by unpolluted woods. The “virgin” ecosystem and the wind that blows from the nearby Tyrrhenean Sea, safeguard the health of the vines and so minimise the use of agropharmaceuticals. Thermals from the nearby river intensify the aromas of the native cultivars. A south west exposure to evening sun slows down the ripening of the gra- pes. This softens the harshness that can sometimes be found in wines from the south

M+Q Notes

A blend of 40% Mantonico, 40% Pecorello; 20% Greco Bianco. A white with warm Mediterranean tones; Fruity pear notes on the nose with flowery hints of bracken which blend with a soft, mellow fruitiness. A hint of mineral adds zest to its flavour. Soft on the palate, with a perfect balance between freshness and acidity. Perfect warm weather drinking! 

Food Suggestion

Whole baked snapper




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