Jeanneret ‘Big Fine Girl’ Riesling 2016 - Clare Valley, SA

Jeanneret ‘Big Fine Girl’ Riesling 2016 - Clare Valley, SA



The Jeanneret story begins with Swiss chemist Denis Jeanneret and his wife Pat, and with all the hallmarks of Swiss precision and attention to detail, they set up their property in the Skilly Hills of the Clare Valley. Their first vintage release to the Australian market was in 1992.

 on Ben is now driving things at Jeanneret, with a clear winemaking philosophy of letting nature take its course and to make ‘naturally perfect’ wines. They grow from two vineyards located in the Armagh Valley of north-western Clare, that are run with an organic philosophy, of all hand pruning and picking through to minimal handling in the winery. The results are worthy of the effort with the wines being impeccable representations of the Clare Valley.


Pure, super fresh dry Riesling is what people love about Clare Valley Rieslings.

2016 was a perfect growing vintage in the Clare. Beautifully light and dry, aromas of white flowers and citrus, this is a very pretty wine. 


Poached prawns with lime spiced salt

Baked Scallops

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