Erste + Neue Pinot Grigio 2016 - Sudtirol, Italy

Erste + Neue Pinot Grigio 2016 - Sudtirol, Italy



Sudtirol or South Tyrol is the Provence of Bolzano in the North East of Italy, it is also known by it’s alternative name of Alto Adige. The region is nestled beside the Austrian boarder and has distinct Austrian and German influences. This area is ‘hard core’ in its winegrowing. Think high altitude, enormous mountains, steep terraced vineyards, and particularly intensive winemaking practices that useenvironment friendly techniques.

 Erste meaning ‘first’ and Neue meaning ‘New’ is a wine co-operative founded in 1925 that is current day made up of 400 dedicated wine growers that bring their harvests to the winery each year. 


Pinot Grigio sometimes lacks the vivid freshness of Pinot Bianco/Weissburgunder, but the best examples from the Alto Adige have the typical varietal texture and spice notes punched up with good bright acidity. Erste & Neue's Pinot Grigio is absolutely textbook: pear, apple, hint of nutmeg, very good balance of weight and acidity.


Baked prawns with Vietnamese coleslaw



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