Adegas Valmiñor Minius Godello 2016 - Monterrei, Spain

Adegas Valmiñor Minius Godello 2016 - Monterrei, Spain


The Story

Located in the Rías Bixas region of northwest Spain, Adegas Valmiñor was established in 1997 by Carlos Gómez. Carlos had years and years of wine industry experience before opening his winery and has since acquired other wineries in Ribera del Duero and Rías Baixas. Valmiñor’s vineyards are currently growing Albariño, Loureiro, White Cañoño, Godello amongst other indigenous grapes of the regions. Head winemaker Cristina Mantilla utilises modern technology at the same time as preserving tradition.

M+Q Notes

100% Godello grapes that go through a strict selection process. Fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel vats. White peach, lemon curd and floral components on the nose. Hints of fresh thyme and rosemary on the palate with pear and apple flavours. A silky mouthfeel and fresh acidity.

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