Moondarra .after Kathleen White Blend 2015 - Gippsland, Vic

Moondarra .after Kathleen White Blend 2015 - Gippsland, Vic


The Story

Situated in the Gippsland wine region of Victoria, Moondarra vineyard sits about 450 metres above sea level, on the south side of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range and is the least populated region of Victoria, where farming has always been the region's major economic activity. Moondarra is the brainchild of Neil Prentice, one of Walhalla’s more eccentric winemakers who was considered one of the trail blazers in the 'hands off' approach to wine making where minimal intervention, with no fining and filtering is the desired result . The Kathleen in the name is named after Mornington Peninsula wine making pioneer and icon Kathleen Quealy, who helped establish the Moondarra vineyard back in 1991.

M+Q Notes

Inspired by Kathleen Quealy . after Kathleen is a blend of Friulano, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay and Picolit. This wine is gorgeously textured, remains dry and tart with a nice mineral tang. Stone fruits, a touch of ripeness, a medium palate weight and beautifully balanced, the . after Kathleen is a perfect match with prawns, fish and mussels.

Food Suggestion

Fried Clarence river school prawns

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