The Queens Tasting Table

Join us for informal wine and other boozy related drinks tasting!

Saturday 1st June 1pm - 3pm

Francisco Scala from Scala Wines in Calabria will be in-store pouring

Scala vineyard has been in the family since 1949. The vineyard is comprised of 18 hectares in Calabria’s Ciro, at the southern tip of Italy. Most of the grapes grown are native varieties such as Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Nerello, Mantonico and Greco. They are cultivated in espalier (a vine training technique to keep the vines flat) on the hinterland plains and hills, on argillaceous and sandy soil.

He’ll be pouring:  

Ciro Bianco - 100% Greco, from vineyards located in Cirò (Crotone district), 100 to 150 meters above sea level. Greco similar to Riesling, made bone-dry through to fully sweet. The grapes were handpicked, de-stemmed, softly pressed, and fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel in order to preserve the aromas. After the fermentation, the wine was racked and left in tanks for 4 months. Nose of white flowers.

 Rosato - 100% Gaglioppo. Galioppo, pronounced “Gah-lio-oppo” is king in Calabria. It is one of Italy’s oldest grape varieties, in fact recent DNA studies have found that it’s a natural crossing of Sangiovese and Mantonico. The grapes are handpicked, de-stemmed, and ferment for about 24 hours. Then about 60% of the must is drawn off and fermentation continues. At the end of the alcoholic fermentation, the wine is racked and left in stainless steel tanks for at least 3 months. After bottling, the wine rests another month before release. Copper color, elegant and bright with fresh fruit and red flower notes.

Rosso - 100% Gaglioppo, the same medium-sized, thick-skinned grapeindigenous to Southern Italy we tasted in the Rosato. Similar to Scala’s white and rose the grapes were handpicked and de-stemmed, before being fermented in concrete tanks. After ferment, the wine and grape skins are softy pressed and the resulting wine is then transferred to another concrete tank where it spends another 2 years ageing. Aromas of red fruits and spice complement undertones of cranberries, wild berries, and plums.  Lightly dry, with moderate tannins.