Gentle Folk Scary White 2018 - Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Gentle Folk Scary White 2018 - Adelaide Hills, South Australia


The Story

Gareth Belton was in a PhD program to be a seaweed specialist when he decided to change his path to become a winemaker. It all started in 2012 when he helped his friend and well-respected winemaker, James Erskine, during vintage in Adelaide Hill’s Basket Range region. James suggested to Gareth that he should make a barrel of his own wine and the rest went from there. Gareth trained with several of the other natural winemakers in the BasketRange and then started his own project called Gentle Folk with his wife Rainbow. They began by sourcing grapes from various places in the region but now make wine primarily from their three vineyards that Gareth farms organically. All of their wines are made with lots of love and attention without any chemicals or additions except sometimes a small amount of SO2. His wines keep getting better with each vintage and 2018 was no exception.

M+Q Notes

A Sauvignon blanc/ Chardonnay co-ferment from the schist of the back block. Couple of buckets of Gewurztraminer skins thrown into the mix. Two weeks of whole bunches covered in juice slowly going through carbonic maceration. Not orange, just texture and aromatics for days.

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