Bodega Cueva with Mariano Enjoy Ancestral - Valencia, Spain

Bodega Cueva with Mariano Enjoy Ancestral - Valencia, Spain


The Story

The original Bodega where Mariano Taberna currently makes wine was established in the 1700s. Mariano took over as winemaker 20+ years ago creating wines that he believes in with an utmost respect to the land his grapes come from. Tempranillo, Macabeo and Syrah are grown as well as local grapes of the region Bobal and Tardana. In Valencia the summers are very hot and dry but there’s a cool breeze that comes in from the nearby ocean that’s vital to the grape growing process.

M+Q Notes

The Ancestral Method or Pétillant-Naturel is one of the oldest ways to make sparkling wine, even predating the Champagne or Traditional Method. The main difference in the two methods is that with the Champagne method, the second fermentation is kicked off by a combination of sugar and yeast. There are no additives with the Ancestral Method and fermentation finishes naturally in the bottle forming trapped CO2 which creates bubbles. This sparkling made from Macabeo grapes gets its pink color from sitting on lees of the red grape Bobal. The wine has a light fizz and plenty of peach and white raspberry and lots of acidity making it hard not to finish off the whole bottle.

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