Tōji Junmai Daiginjo - Niigata, Japan 720ml (Box Case Included)

Tōji Junmai Daiginjo - Niigata, Japan 720ml (Box Case Included)


The Story

For Melbourne based founders Yuta and Shar Kobayashi, Tōji Sake is the embodiment and love of all things Japanese. Born in Japan, Yuta fondly recalls time with his Ojiichan (grandfather) in Ibaraki. With his daily ritual of enjoying an afternoon glass of sake, Yuta’s grandfather passed on an appreciation for the timeless virtues of sake, born of tradition and refined over centuries. After travelling throughout Japan and studying the work of respected brewmasters, from Niigata to Kyoto and everywhere in between,  Yuta found a way to combine his love of traditional Japanese culture with the contemporary Melbourne food scene. The result is Tōji, a premium sake which bridges the gap between the classic Japanese drink and the modern Australian palate.

Tōji Sake takes its name from the Japanese term for sake brewmasters, the revered artisans who expertly weave all of the elements together to create the perfect brew. Our Tōji (brewmaster) selects the finest ingredients, using rice from the world renowned Niigata Prefecture and water sourced directly from the Asahi mountain ranges. 

M+Q Notes

Light, crisp and dry flavouring, light apple aromas. It is best served chilled between 8-10 degrees, much like a white wine.

Although traditionally enjoyed like a wine, Tōji Sake is also versatile enough to be substituted into any classic cocktail to add a twist. 

Seimaibuai (polishing rate) — 50%

Drink Suggestion

Sake Mojito

60ml Tōji Sake

A handful of Mint leaves

Half a lime, cubed

1 tsp Sugar 

Soda water


Muddle lime and mint together in your glass. Add 60ml of Tōji Sake and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Fill your glass with ice, stir and top with soda water. Garnish -- 1 mint sprig and two slices of lime. Enjoy, Kanpai!

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