Frankly, Made By Bob Rose – Orange, NSW

Frankly, Made By Bob Rose – Orange, NSW


The Story

Bob Coleman and his son truely do everything by themselves, whether its hauling organic grapes from Orange to Blackheath during vintage or in the quieter times driving all over Sydney and Melbourne dropping in to all the top restaurants and wine bars to show there new releases. Its this dedication to an organic experience that initially endears people to Bobs wines then upon tasting his wines you see wine which are real, wild fermentations, unfiltered and flat out tasty.

M+Q Notes

This is Bobs rose in which he himself is reluctant to call a rose. The wine is a blend of Shiraz/Sauvignon Blanc/Malbec Think of it as a serious rosé or a light red. Fits in where a white hasn’t got the punch, a red is too heavy and a conventional rosé is neither here or there. Serve lightly chilled or on a cold day at room temperature.

 Food Suggestion

Bahn Mi

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