Bespoke Bros Rose 2015 - Heathcote, Victoria

Bespoke Bros Rose 2015 - Heathcote, Victoria


The Story

One of the first rules you learn in wine is that products often reflect the people who make them. This is certainly true in the case of Bespoke Bros. Rosé, fashioned by the hands of Nick Stock - journalist, winemaker and bon vivant - the wine is vibrant and full of personality paying homage to the classics while using artistic license to stamp it as his own.

M+Q Notes

The 2015 Bespoke Bros. Rosé is a blend of barrel aged Monastrell and Nebbiolo, which goes against the grain of what is considered the norm - it is rich and textured with a beautiful balance of savoury and fruit notes. Dare we say it drinks like a true Brosé, with all the notes of a powerful red wine in a delicate and well fashioned rosé.

Food Pairing

Scallop ceviche

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