Bertrand Bespoke Rosé 2018 - Heathcote, Victoria

Bertrand Bespoke Rosé 2018 - Heathcote, Victoria


The Story

Native Burgundian Gilles Lapalus was born into a wine family and knew from the beginning he wanted to be a winemaker. He traveled all over France, Chile and Tuscany for his wine studies before moving to Australia in 2001. He was the winemaker at Sutton Grange in Bendigo, Victoria for 15 years while working on his side projects Bespoke Brothers, Maidenii Vermouth, and Maison Lapalus. He now works full time in Heathcote on his two wine labels Bertrand Bespoke and Maison Lapalus while also making his Maiden vermouth. His wine is produced in a way he refers to as ‘raw wine’ that involves organic vineyards, wild yeasts and no additions in the winery except for a small amount of sulphites when necessary.

M+Q Notes

Mostly Mourvèdre grapes that sat on Fiano and Semillon skins for 2 months. Dry, savoury with bright acidity. Flavours of wild strawberry, white cherry and a touch of dried herbs. 

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