Jayden Ong Pinot Noir ‘Chestnut Hill’ 2017 - Mount Burnett, Victoria

Jayden Ong Pinot Noir ‘Chestnut Hill’ 2017 - Mount Burnett, Victoria


The Story

Jayden Ong began his fascination with wine while working in restaurants in Melbourne back in the early 2000s. After co-founding Cumulus Inc, finishing an oenology degree and working several vintages around Australia and abroad, Jayden and his partner Morgan started One Block winery in 2010. Their focus is creating single vineyard wines expressive of the place and what happened in the particular vintage. In 2015 they purchased a plot of land and planted their own vineyard to three different Chardonnay clones. As well as the One Block label, he also has labels Le Maison de Ong and Moonlit Forest. Moonlit Forest is his lower intervention and experimental wines that are unfined, unfiltered and have low amounts of sulphur. 

M+Q Notes

This wine was made with organically grown Pinot Noir from Chestnut Hill in Mount Burnett. The grapes mature in old oak for 12 months after wild fermentation and and then bottled without fining or filtering. The structure of this wine is elegant and restrained with dark berry flavours, violet aromas and a long finish.

Food Suggestion

Peking Duck

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