Pyren Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2017 - Pyrenees, Victoria

Pyren Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2017 - Pyrenees, Victoria


The Story

Brian & Kevyn Joy are brothers who established their Pyren vineyard in the Warrenmang Valley of the Pyrenees in Victoria in 1999. They later built a winery on their property 10 years later. Currently the brothers work with Graeme Miles who runs the vineyard and Brian’s son Leighton who’s in charge of the winery. Graeme also manages 600 sheep who graze the 700 acre property and help with the soil health by managing/eating the weeds. Their focus is to continually improve and be innovative in order to become one of the greatest wineries of the region.

M+Q Notes

This Cabernet Franc has a complexing of dark fruits and savoury note. Aromas of ripe blueberry, liquorice and blackberry. On the palate there’s dark plum, sage and savoury spices. A medium bodied weight with balanced acidity and a light dusting of tannins.

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