Wowee Zowee Skinsy White 2017 - King Valley, Victoria

Wowee Zowee Skinsy White 2017 - King Valley, Victoria


The Story

Wowee White is brought to you by Barney Flanders of Garagiste winery on the Mornington Peninsula and Cam Marshall. Barney and Cam believe that winemaking should involve very little input, be it additions or oak. It is all about fruit expression over human intervention. They deal with small batch, project driven wines together, and their results so far after just a few vintages are an outstanding success. This wine was made from a super small parcel of fruit and was produced to explore a blend rather than a single varietal.

M+Q Notes

This wine is a blend of 75% Sauvignon Blanc, 22% Riesling and 3% Pinot Gris. Once the grapes were picked they were put in fermenters, skins and all and were left to do their thing until they were pressed off and placed in oak for 9 months. The end result is a wine with a great vibrancy from the Sauvignon and texture from the Pinot Gris, with green fig and ginger flavours on the palate.

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