Ten Miles East 2015 Saperavi - Adelaide Hills, SA

Ten Miles East 2015 Saperavi - Adelaide Hills, SA


The Story

Ten Miles East is a small family winery started by winemakers Taiita and James Champniss. Taiita’s family purchased a property in the Norton Summit Valley that was formerly an apple orchard and cider factory and then planted seven different grape varieties in the early 2000s. Taiita and James officially started Ten Miles East in 2013 and currently produce wines from their estate grown fruit from varieties including Arneis, Saperavi, Syrah, Riesling, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Since then, they have spent many years carefully taking care of their vines that were specifically chosen to the site’s microclimate and soils. Their winemaking approach is minimal, with as little intervention as possible. The grapes ferment with wild yeast and they let the process take as much time as needed with large amounts of additives avoided. Their wines are made in very small batches with a focus on texture and experimentation. 
M+Q Notes

Saperavi is a deep, darkly coloured red grape variety that is one of 525 indigenous varieties from Georgia (the country), formerly part of the Soviet Union. Saperavi literally means ‘dye’ or ‘paint’. The brilliance of Saperavi is that it truly satisfies sustainability dreams. Each bunch is loosely formed with thick skins so it’s much harder for disease to settle in. And the variety handles the heat so well, ripening slowly with less chance of ‘raining’. Beautiful black-purple-red and dark fruit, spice and decent tannin structure, the palate is quite fine and savoury. It has been aged in French oak for 1 year so it doesn’t overpower. Medium bodied and truly elegant food-orientated wine.

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