Heart Pinot Gris 2017 - Beechworth, Victoria

Heart Pinot Gris 2017 - Beechworth, Victoria


The Story

A field blend project wine from Tessa Brown and Jeremy Schmolzer. This is hand picking, foot stomping, basket pressing and wild yeast fermenting with the help from some friends too.

M+Q Notes

Pinot Gris here has been co-fermented with is Riesling 22%, Fiano 18% and a touch of Gewurztraminer. The cool nights and fertile soil of Beechworth assist with achieving elegance between the flavour, the ripeness and the alcohol levels while the acidity is super balanced, this is one ‘smooth operator’. Gris achieves richness and a complexity, which sets itself apart from Pinot Grigio that will be leaner, tighter and much drier. Waxy lemon, with peach and pithy citrus, this is a textural beauty!

Food Suggestion

Caprino fresco - Fresh goat's milk cheese

Mud Crab with a touch of chilli

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