The Rise of Petillant Naturel (AKA Pet Nat, AKA Method Ancestral)

Saturday August 31st


Pop in- store for a tasting and find out why this fizz is here to stay!

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What’s the deal with these fizzy wines sealed with a crown cap everyone keeps talking about? Pet Nat or Pétillant Naturel or Méthode Ancestrale wines have been popping up everywhere the past couple years. But in fact these bubbly wines are so old they pre-date the Champagne Method or Méthode Traditionelle.

The process was most likely first discovered accidentally hundreds of years ago when wine started re-fermenting after the cold months of winter which then caused bottles to explode in cellars. Lots of patience and technical skill goes into making Pet Nats which can be an unpredictable process at times. 

Pet Nats start as still wines and are bottled before they ferment completely dry so they can later ferment again in bottle building carbon dioxide which creates bubbles. The final step would be to disgorge the wine to get the dead yeasts cells out but some winemakers choose not to do this process which creates a cloudy appearance. Unlike Champagne, there are no sulphur or any other additions to Pet Nats. These wines are made in a wide variety of styles ranging from fruit driven easy drinkers to more serious and complex.

If you’re a lover of Pet Nats or want to see what the fuss is all about, here’s a couple to try: