The Wine Farm Pink Pet Nat 2018 - Gippsland, VIC

The Wine Farm Pink Pet Nat 2018 - Gippsland, VIC


The Story

Neil and Anna Hawkins met in Neil’s native South Africa. He was making wine, and Anna was travelling and tasting. They decided they were onto something good and eventually moved to South Gippsland, via Sydney, in search of cool-climate grapes to call their own. In 2014, having fallen for the region in general and the potential of its grapes in particular, they poured their joint worldly effects into a small property they thought might just have everything they needed to start creating their own little world. Great soil, seven acres of vines, a big old shed and lots of bedrooms to fill.

M+Q Notes

A nose of apples, lemons, oyster shell, strawberries and tamarillo; the palate tickled by an abundance of tiny bubbles followed by the fruits of green apple, grapefruit and strawberries and a lovely acidity that lingers around the yeasty, leesy texture.

‘There’s nowhere to hide with our pét-nat. With no added sugar, zero sulphur, no additions whatsoever, you are literally left with grapes in a bottle. So those grapes had better be good! In fact this is the best wine in our stable for showcasing the vintage.

And the 2017 growing season, with its moderate, dry days and cool nights, meant flavour was formed and retained in the grapes and acids were high yet feminine. It was a great year, and a great year always translates to a high quality Pétillant Naturel.’ The Wine Farm

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