Speri Valpolicella 'La Roverina' 2015 - Veneto, Italy

Speri Valpolicella 'La Roverina' 2015 - Veneto, Italy



The Veneto region of Italy’s North East surrounds Venice and wine wise is best known for it’s sparkling Prosecco, it’s white wine Soave and it’s red Valpolicella. The Speri family have been in this winemaking heartland since 1874. They have modernised production over that time to see them current day practise organic viticulture in their vineyards. They own the three cru vineyards of La Roverina, La Roggia and Sant’Urbano, that are home to some of the most unique hilly wine zones of the world, The La Roverina is an historic vineyard, and produces this red blend of 70% Corvina (meaty, tannic and aromatic) 20% Rondinella (used for deep colour) 5% Molinara (for acidity) and 5% Oseleta (cherry scents) make up this blend that is known as Valpolicella


Silky palate, multi layered cherry fruit and rustic spices make it a very versatile medium bodied red.


Parmesan crumbed lamb cutlets

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