Reed Wines ‘Rose Marie’ Tempranillo Joven 2018 - Heathcote, Vic

Reed Wines ‘Rose Marie’ Tempranillo Joven 2018 - Heathcote, Vic


The Story

Reed Wines are single vineyard expressions made by Sierra Reed in Victoria. Always an inquisitive and enthusiastic drinker, Sierra’s journey in wine began in New Zealand whilst filming with the Family of Twelve. Interviewing those leading families of New Zealand wine inspired her to change her life and begin the journey from drinker to maker. A complete immersion in winemaking followed with a rapid succession of vintages at various places in Australia, France, Germany, USA and New Zealand. In 2015, Sierra made her first wines. She currently sources grapes from vineyards throughout Victoria and returns to Beaujolais in France every year to make wine their as well.

M+Q Notes

During the 2018 vintage, Sierra lost her beloved Grandmother Rose Marie Reed. She created this Tempranillo to commemorate her Grandmother’s life with her cousin by her side. It’s made in a ‘Joven’ style which translates to ‘young’ in Spanish and is meant to highlight fresh fruit characteristics. Dark cherry and crushed raspberry on the nose with dried herbs in the background. The wine is structured on the palate with ripe tannins and bright acidity.

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