Hauner Rosso 2014 - Sicily, Italy

Hauner Rosso 2014 - Sicily, Italy


The Story

Established in 1968 by Carlo Hauner, a former artist and designer who became entranced with the wines from Salina, an island off the coast of Sicily in the 1960s. He relocated there and revived an abandoned Malvasia vineyard. In the 1980s he planted several other grape varieties including Nero d’Avola, Alicante and Nocera. He is credited as to resurrecting the traditional sweet Malvasia wines of the island that he fell in love with upon his first visit. He has since passed away but his son Carlo Hauner Jr is continuing his legacy.

M+Q Notes

A blend of 60% Nero d’Avola and 40% Nerello Masalese. The wine is made in stainless steel for a leaner style. Dark concentrate fruits mixed with savoury notes. Aromas of blackberry, ripe raspberry and vanilla bean. Flavours of dark plum, blood orange, black cherry and mushroom earthiness. Will benefit from being decanted before savouring.

Food Suggestion

Veal Scallopine, Quail

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