Cloak Sangiovese 2018 - North Eastern, Vic

Cloak Sangiovese 2018 - North Eastern, Vic


The Story

The wine label Cloak and Dagger evolved during the 2016 vintage when two unexpected parcels of wine popped intriguingly out from amongst the chaos, to reveal 2 interesting and delicious expressions of Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio. Cloak and Dagger is an expression that conjures up mystery and intrigue, we hope these wines stimulate your curiosity and enchant you in much the same way!" Nina and Callie (winemakers)

M+Q Notes

Sangiovese is the grape behind the Italian wine Chianti and it is superb mid weight savouriness, lightly spiced plums, wild rasberries and herbal earthy undertones, velvet silky tannins round this wine’s finish.

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