Hippocampus Bangkok Gin 700ml - WA

Hippocampus Bangkok Gin 700ml - WA


The Story

The folks at Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery over in WA have taken an interesting approach to crafting their vodka; they’ve drawn on their beer brewing backgrounds to create a fermentable wash from which they make their twice-distilled vodka (others buy in high-proof neutral spirit and start from there).

Bangkok Gin delivers big, robust, punchy flavours…exactly what you imagine when you think of the essence of Thai flavours!
What is unique about Bangkok Gin is that alongside our rigid backbone of classic gin botanicals, we have a trio of botanicals widely recognised as being very Thai… Kaffir Lime leaf, Lemongrass and Ginger.
Bangkok Gin is bottled at 45%; a slightly higher ABV eases the punchy, aromatic flavours along the palate.

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